The Colon

=39. Formal Quotations

A colon is used to introduce a formal



The author also makes this significant

statement: "There is every reason to believe that

this disease plays a larger part in the production

of idiocy than has hitherto been admitted by writers

on insanity."

=40. Formal Enumerations

In lists of the dead, injured, persons

present, and similar enumerations of particulars, use a colon to

introduce the series.


Only four patrons appeared in this

morning's police matinee: Chip Owens, Allie McGowan,

Alfonso Blas, and Nick Muskowitz.

=41. Time Indications

In time indications and records place a colon

between hours and minutes, and minutes and seconds: as, Gates open,

2:30; Time, 1:42.

=42. General Usage

In general, use a colon after any word, phrase, or

clause when that which follows explains or makes clear what precedes.

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