Proof-readers' Marks

Cap Capitalize.

lc Lower case; small letter.

delta Delete; omit.

stet Restore the words crossed out.

^ Insert at the place indicated.

[. in circle] Insert a period.

/,\ Insert a comma.

\"/ Insert quotation-marks.

=/ Insert a hyphen.

X Imperfect letter.

9 Letter inverted; turn over.

¶ Make a new paragraph.

No ¶ No paragraph.

# Put a space between.

[Breve] Smaller space.


parentheses] Close up; no space needed.

\/ /\ Badly spaced; space more evenly.

[Breve] Quad shows between the words; shove down.

wf Wrong font.

tr Transpose.

Carry to the left.



// Straighten crooked line.

lead Add lead between the lines.

delta lead Take out lead.

(?) Query: Is the proof correct?

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