Clearness of style should be one of the leading considerations with the

beginner in composition. He must avoid all obscurity and ambiguous

phrases. If he write a sentence or phrase and see that a meaning might be

inferred from it otherwise than intended, he should re-write it in such a

way that there can be no possible doubt. Words, phrases or clauses that

are closely related should be placed as near to each other as possible

that their mutual relation may clearly appear, and no word should be

omitted that is necessary to the complete expression of thought.


Unity is that property of style which keeps all parts of a sentence in

connection with the principal thought and logically subordinate to it. A

sentence may be constructed as to suggest the idea of oneness to the

mind, or it may be so loosely put together as to produce a confused and

indefinite impression. Ideas that have but little connection should be

expressed in separate sentences, and not crowded into one.

Keep long parentheses out of the middle of your sentences and when you

have apparently brought your sentences to a close don't try to continue

the thought or idea by adding supplementary clauses.

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