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The Interrogation

The interrogation is the point that asks questions. It should always be
placed outside quotation marks unless it is a part of the quotation

_Rules for the Use of the Interrogation_

1. The interrogation point is used at the end of every direct question.

Are you there?

Indirect questions, that is, statements that a question has been asked,
do not require the interrogation.

He asked me if I was there.
He asked the question, Are you there? and received no answer.

2. At the end of each of a series of questions thrown into a single

Did he speak in an ordinary tone? or shout? or whisper?

3. The interrogation, like a certain inflection in the voice, may
indicate that a sentence, though declarative in form, is really a
question and requires an answer.

You are, of course, familiar with New York?

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