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The Exclamation

The exclamation mark is the mark of strong emotion.

_Rules for the Use of the Exclamation_

1. After every expression of great surprise or emotion.

Look, my lord! it comes!
Angels and ministers of grace defend us!
Alas! my father.

2. After interjections and other exclamatory words.

Hurrah! Good! Away! Oh!

Where the exclamations are repeated without particularly emphasizing
each one, each may be followed by a comma except the last.

Ha, ha, ha! That's a good joke!

O used as a vocative or to express a desire or imprecation does not call
for an exclamation.

O John.
Oh, yes.
O, that night would come!

The exclamation is sometimes used in job printing to fill out a display
line or for other inadequate reasons. These uses should be avoided.

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