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(present Tense Only)
Sing. Plural ...

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An interjection is a word used to express some sudden emotion...


Common Stumbling Blocks - Peculiar Constructions - Misused Forms.

In the subjunctive mood the plural form were should be used with a
singular subject; as, "If I were," not was. Remember the plural form
of the personal pronoun you always takes were, though it may denote
but one. Thus, "You were," never "you was." "If I was him" is a
very common expression. Note the two mistakes in it,--that of the verb
implying a condition, and that of the objective case of the pronoun. It
should read If I were he. This is another illustration of the rule
regarding the verb To Be, taking the same case after it as before it;
were is part of the verb To Be, therefore as the nominative (I) goes
before it, the nominative (he) should come after it.

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