O'er all my song the image of a face Lieth, like shadow on the wild sweet flowers. The dream, the ecstasy that prompts my powers; The golden lyre's delights bring little grace To bless the singer of a lowly race. Long hath this mocked... Read more of The Negro Singer at Martin Luther King.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Sing. Plural. ...

Double Negative
It must be remembered that two negatives in the English langu...

X L C D M1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000.
(9) Proper names begin with a capital; as, "Jones, Johnson, C...

Expressive Of Writer
Style is expressive of the writer, as to who he is and what h...

Broken Construction
Sometimes the beginning of a sentence presents quite a differ...

Sequence Of Tenses
When two verbs depend on each other their tenses must have a ...

Each, Every, Either, Neither
These words are continually misapplied. Each can be applied t...

Requirements Of Speech
It is very easy to learn how to speak and write correct...


Diction - Purity - Propriety - Precision.

Simplicity of style has reference to the choice of simple words and
their unaffected presentation. Simple words should always be used in
preference to compound, and complicated ones when they express the same
or almost the same meaning. The Anglo-Saxon element in our language
comprises the simple words which express the relations of everyday life,
strong, terse, vigorous, the language of the fireside, street, market and
farm. It is this style which characterizes the Bible and many of the
great English classics such as the "Pilgrim's Progress," "Robinson
Crusoe," and "Gulliver's Travels."



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