To dream that you commit adultery, foretells that you will bearrainged{sic} for some illegal action. If a woman has this dream,she will fail to hold her husband's affections, letting hertemper and spite overwhelm her at the least provocation.If it i... Read more of Adultery at My Dreams.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Present Tense
Sing. Plural ...

Sing. Plural. ...

Purity of style consists in using words which are reputable, ...

Pitfalls To Avoid

The Heading
The Heading has three parts, viz., the name of the place, the...

Three Essentials
The three essentials of the English language are: Purity, Per...

In the subjunctive mood the plural form were should be used w...

The Verb
A verb is a word which implies action or the doing of somethi...


Diction - Purity - Propriety - Precision.

Propriety of style consists in using words in their proper sense and as
in the case of purity, good usage is the principal test. Many words have
acquired in actual use a meaning very different from what they once
possessed. "Prevent" formerly meant to go before, and that meaning is
implied in its Latin derivation. Now it means to put a stop to, to
hinder. To attain propriety of style it is necessary to avoid confounding
words derived from the same root; as respectfully and respectively;
it is necessary to use words in their accepted sense or the sense which
everyday use sanctions.


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