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What Should Guests Talk About At Dinner?
"Good talk is not to be had for the asking. Humors must fir...

This Muchthus Much
"This much is certain" should be "Thus much or so much is cer...

A preposition connects words, clauses, and sentences together...

Expressive Of Writer
Style is expressive of the writer, as to who he is and what h...

A Pronoun is a word used for or instead of a noun to keep us ...

The Verb
A verb is a word which implies action or the doing of somethi...

Loose Participles
A participle or participial phrase is naturally referred to t...

Sentence Classification
There are two great classes of sentences according to the gen...


Divisions of Grammar Definitions - Etymology.

Sing. Plural
1st person If I love If we love
2nd person If you love If you love
3rd person If he love If they love

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