BY OVID (ADAPTED) Long ago, in the ancient world, there was born to the blue-eyed Nymph Liriope, a beautiful boy, whom she called Narcissus. An oracle foretold at his birth that he should be happy and live to a good old age if he "never saw ... Read more of Echo And Narcissus at Children Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Future Tense
Sing. Plural ...

Prepositions And The Objective Case
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The Split Infinitive
Even the best speakers and writers are in the habit of placin...

Don't say "I shall summons him," but "I shall summon him." Su...

An interjection is a word used to express some sudden emotion...

First Personal Pronoun
The use of the first personal pronoun should be avoided as mu...

Grammatical Errors Of Standard Authors
Even the best speakers and writers are sometimes caught nappi...


Divisions of Grammar Definitions - Etymology.

Present Past Perfect
Being loved Been loved Having been loved

(N. B.--Note that the plural form of the personal pronoun, you, is used
in the second person singular throughout. The old form thou, except in
the conjugation of the verb "To Be," may be said to be obsolete. In the
third person singular he is representative of the three personal pronouns
of the third person, He, She and It.)



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