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When two singular subjects are connected by neither, nor use ...

Masterpieces Of American Literature
Scarlet Letter, Parkman's Histories, Motley's Dutch Republic,...

What Should Guests Talk About At Dinner?
"Good talk is not to be had for the asking. Humors must fir...

Best Plays Of Shakespeare
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Other And Another
These are words which often give to expressions a meaning far...

Choice Of Words
In another place in this book advice has been given to ...

This Muchthus Much
"This much is certain" should be "Thus much or so much is cer...

Sing. Plural. ...


Divisions of Grammar Definitions - Etymology.

Present Past Perfect
Being loved Been loved Having been loved

(N. B.--Note that the plural form of the personal pronoun, you, is used
in the second person singular throughout. The old form thou, except in
the conjugation of the verb "To Be," may be said to be obsolete. In the
third person singular he is representative of the three personal pronouns
of the third person, He, She and It.)



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