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Other And Another
These are words which often give to expressions a meaning far...

These are two separate verbs and must not be interchanged. Th...

This Muchthus Much
"This much is certain" should be "Thus much or so much is cer...

Notes Of Introduction
Notes of introduction should be very circumspect as the write...

Three Essentials
The three essentials of the English language are: Purity, Per...

Masters And Masterpieces Of Literature
The Bible is the world's greatest book. Apart from its ...

The English Language In A Nutshell
All the words in the English language are divided into nine g...

Syllables And Words
A syllable is a distinct sound produced by a single effort of...


Common Stumbling Blocks - Peculiar Constructions - Misused Forms.

Be careful to distinguish the meaning of these two little prepositions
and don't interchange them. Don't say "He went in the room" nor "My
brother is into the navy." In denotes the place where a person or
thing, whether at rest or in motion, is present; and into denotes
entrance. "He went into the room;" "My brother is in the navy" are


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