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Sequence Of Tenses
When two verbs depend on each other their tenses must have a ...

Three Essentials
The three essentials of the English language are: Purity, Per...

Clearness of style should be one of the leading consideration...

Lindley Murray and Goold Brown laid down cast-iron rule...

When two singular subjects are connected by neither, nor use ...

Broken Construction
Sometimes the beginning of a sentence presents quite a differ...

Power Of Fitness Tact And Nicety In Business Words
There is an aspect of business words which has to do with s...

Essentials Of English Grammar
In order to speak and write the English language correc...


Diction - Purity - Propriety - Precision.

Harmony is that property of style which gives a smoothness to the
sentence, so that when the words are sounded their connection becomes
pleasing to the ear. It adapts sound to sense. Most people construct
their sentences without giving thought to the way they will sound and as
a consequence we have many jarring and discordant combinations such as
"Thou strengthenedst thy position and actedst arbitrarily and
derogatorily to my interests."

Harsh, disagreeable verbs are liable to occur with the Quaker form Thou
of the personal pronoun. This form is now nearly obsolete, the plural
you being almost universally used. To obtain harmony in the sentence
long words that are hard to pronounce and combinations of letters of one
kind should be avoided.


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