The northern half of Ireland has not proved as prolific in stories of haunted houses as the southern portion: the possible explanation of this is, not that the men of the north are less prone to hold, or talk about, such beliefs, but that, as... Read more of Haunted Houses In Mogh's Half at Scary Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Am Comehave Come
"I am come" points to my being here, while "I have come" inti...

Vocation And Avocation
Don't mistake these two words so nearly alike. Vocation is th...

The Verb
A verb is a word which implies action or the doing of somethi...

A letter is a mark or character used to represent an articula...

Arrangement Of Words In A Sentence
Of course in simple sentences the natural order of arrangemen...

Discussion Versus Controversy
Many people object to discussion, but they are invariably t...

Interruption In Conversation
Interruption, more surely than anything else, kills convers...

Divisions Of Grammar
There are four great divisions of Grammar, viz.: Orthograp...


Vocabulary Parts of Speech - Requisites

A Pronoun is a word used for or instead of a noun to keep us from
repeating the same noun too often. Pronouns, like nouns, have case,
number, gender and person. There are three kinds of pronouns, personal,
relative and adjective.

A verb is a word which signifies action or the doing of something. A
verb is inflected by tense and mood and by number and person, though the
latter two belong strictly to the subject of the verb.

An adverb is a word which modifies a verb, an adjective and sometimes
another adverb.

A preposition serves to connect words and to show the relation between
the objects which the words express.

A conjunction is a word which joins words, phrases, clauses and
sentences together.

An interjection is a word which expresses surprise or some sudden
emotion of the mind.



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