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That For So
"The hurt it was that painful it made him cry," say "so painf...

Other And Another
These are words which often give to expressions a meaning far...

Letter Writing
Many people seem to regard letter-writing as a very sim...

A pronoun is a word used in place of a noun; as, "John gave h...

Kinds Of Style
Style has been classified in different ways, but it admits of...

Syllables And Words
A syllable is a distinct sound produced by a single effort of...

The Parts Of Speech

Clearness of style should be one of the leading consideration...

Speaking Writing

English grammar and punctuation

Learn english grammar, try english grammer exercises, quiz yourself on grammar and punctuation, and spelling and grammer question and answers.

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Beginning - Different Sources - The Present Common Stumbling Blocks - Peculiar Constructions - Misused Forms. Diction - Purity - Propriety - Precision. Different Kinds Arrangement Of Words - Paragraph Divisions Of Grammar Definitions - Etymology. Figures Of Speech - Definitions And Examples Use Of Figures Great Authors--classification--the World's Best Books. How To Write - What To Write - Correct Speaking And Speakers Mistakes - Slips Of Authors - Examples And Corrections - Errors Of Redundancy. Principal Points - Illustrations - Capital Letters. Principles Of Letter Writing - Forms - Notes Qualification - Appropriate Subjects - Directions Small Words - Their Importance - The Anglo-saxon Element Vocabulary Parts Of Speech - Requisites